The Lights
There are three lights in Exposure Marine’s line-up, each delivering light in different colours and at different intensities.
All the XS100 lights use the same body and batteries. The 55mm x 24mm diameter bodies are crafted from marine-grade aluminium with a black anodised finish, and the heads are screw-fit with a double O-ring seal giving a depth-rating of 100m.
The heads screw down to switch the lights on and to change the output settings. Using the latest in Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and clever electronics, each light delivers a wide beam of even light.
Accessories are available for hand-, head- or dive-mask-mounting, providing versatility in use. A small cord wrist lanyard is fitted as standard to avoid possible loss.
A single rechargeable CR123 battery powers the lights. Two are supplied with each model along with a compact USB charger, and this enables charging from a computer, car or mains phone charger.
Lithium CR123A batteries can also be used. These reduce the output slightly but extend the burntimes.

The Adventure model delivers a cold white light with a maximum output of 150 lumens (L) on high and 20L on the low setting. This model is designed as a standard torch.
The next in the line-up is the Night Vision, which delivers a red light, again with two power settings with a maximum output of 50L and a minimum of 9L. This model is designed to be used when you don’t want to affect your night vision, and it’s also a useful fish-finding torch, because most species can’t see light at the red end of the spectrum, and are therefore less likely to be spooked than by white light.
Lastly there’s the Blue Fluoro Dive model, delivering light at outputs of 20L and 6L with wavelengths that pick up fluorescent proteins given off by underwater flora and fauna.
All the models give a stated burntime of 1 hour on full power and 10 hours on low power. Switching between the two settings is done by unscrewing the head a few turns before re-tightening. Three blinks of the light indicate that the output has been set.

In Use
I had this set of lights for a few weeks and used them everywhere from under water to topside. Using the buckle-mount accessory on my dive-mask strap gave me total hands-free lighting, with the red Night Vision version proving to be an excellent tool for gauge and instrument reading during night excursions.
I found that I could leave it switched on for the whole dive without affecting the marine life or my own night vision, and could easily read critical displays with just a tilt of my head.
The white Adventure light delivered a bright even pool of light that proved to be good for close-up work under water.
Unfortunately the 150L output didn’t penetrate too far through murky UK waters, making it a little restricted in this environment.
Also, I found it best to hand-mount this light, because mask-placement meant that it illuminated particles in front of my face, causing an effect like headlights in fog.
Head-mounted on land using the headband accessory and buckle is where this tiny light came into its own. The output was more than adequate to light the way, and again I enjoyed a hands-free lighting experience.
The Blue Fluoro Dive needs a yellow filter that is placed over the eye to be able to see the fluorescence displayed by some marine creatures or organisms.
Unfortunately Exposure Marine didn’t have this essential component available at the time of testing (although it now tells me there is one in the pipeline). This made it impossible to conduct a full test and evaluation of this particular model.

Big isn’t always the best option, especially with a hands-free light set-up, and this was apparent when using the XS100 lights both under water and on land.
Of the three lights I tested it was the red Night Vision that proved the most useful. Under water it was unobtrusive and did a brilliant job lighting my instruments. Post-dive and on the surface awaiting a boat pick-up it proved extremely noticeable, especially when mask- or head-mounted, making it a good safety tool.
All three could have a place in a diver’s armoury, because they won’t take up any room or impair your valuable weight limits when travelling by air. The spare battery is a nice touch, too.
In a lighting world that emanates in the Far East I find it pleasing that these lovely little lights were conceived and born in Blighty.

PRICE £65 (each model)
ACCESSORIES XS100 headband and XS100 hand-mount £9.95 each
OUTPUT Model-dependant, 150-6 lumens
POWER SOURCE 1 x CR123 rechargeable battery
BURNTIMES 1hr full power, 10hr low power
SIZES 55 x 24mm diameter
WEIGHT 38g with battery
DIVER RATING Blue Fluoro n/a
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