However, divers need protection too. Water-softened skin can be easily cut by the very gear we use, and for all those of us prepared to dive in a responsible manner, I think warmwater gloves could have a place in our kit bags. UK-based MacWet has a range of lightweight gloves that seem suitable for such a task.

The Design
Designed for outside sports in general, MacWet gloves feature a fabric called Aquatec that the maker says responds to moisture and climatic change. It is used for the palms and fingers, with a polyamide, polyurethane and elastane mix for the backing. An elasticated cuff with a Velcro fastening is standard throughout the range.
The gloves are available in two ranges, Micromesh and Climatec, with either long or short cuffs in 14 sizes and six colours

In Use
I was supplied with two pairs of gloves to try out in real-world diving scenarios. The first thing I noticed was the fit and, cliché though it might be, they really did fit like a glove.
They offered little to no thermal protection, but the palms and fingers were protected no matter what task I was performing.
The Aquatec material was, as the maker claimed, “all grip and no slip”, even when used topside after an hour’s immersion.
There was no loss of dexterity with the thin material covering my hands like a second skin. This was evident when undertaking fiddly tasks such as mask-strap adjustment, or changing the settings on my camera and adjusting the tricky little control knobs on the strobes.
Back on the surface the gloves proved invaluable when stripping down my dive-gear, unscrewing the DIN wheel on my regs and wrestling with the tight synch-clamp on my BC.
I was also able move my tanks and perform other hazardous tasks without abrasion or injury to my delicate digits.
The gloves dried quickly when left out in the sun, and didn’t stiffen in the process.

If, like me, you see a place for warmwater gloves in your dive-bag, the MacWet versions, although not designed specifically for divers, worked extremely well, both under water and topside.
They could be invaluable attire when attending controversial shark-feed dives, by keeping your hands from looking like the fish bait, and by preventing those little cuts, nicks and stings we all suffer during our dive activities they could prevent infections too.
The gloves have proved useful for all-round use and have excelled in the wet. The added bonus is that they’re machine-washable. 

PRICES Micromesh £27.99, Climatec £29.99
LENGTH Long and short cuff
COLOURS Brown, black, green and navy, plus white and black & white in the Micromesh versions.
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