The Design
Sharkskin Performance Dry-Bags include the 40-litre duffle and a 30-litre backpack. Both are made from heavy-duty PVC with welded seams, and each bag features a Velcro sealed roll-top, which, when rolled up and secured with trident-clips, provides a watertight seal.
The duffle has the addition of compression straps, again with trident-clip closures.
Each bag features a clear interior pocket for identity cards as well as a waterproof zipped pocket accessed from the outside.
Coloured in black and red for the duffle and red and black for the backpack, both bags feature 3M reflective patches so can be easily spotted should they accidentally end up being washed overboard.
The duffle-bag weighs in at 0.9kg and the backpack at 1.2kg.

In Use
I took the 40-litre duffel with me on a trip to the Eastern Cape in South Africa, knowing that we would be spending six hours a day hunkered down in the rear of a twin-engined, fast-moving RIB (rubber duck, in the local parlance).
The open seas around the Port Elizabeth bays can be notoriously choppy, especially during the African autumn, making for a more-than-damp experience on board.
I needed to take £4000-worth of high-end DSLR camera and long zoom lens to capture the rare topside activities of whales, dolphins, gannets and Cape fur seals.

Salt water, precision optics and sophisticated electronic camera gear aren’t the best of buddies, so keeping my camera gear dry was essential. Any mishap would ruin my week and render the equipment permanently unusable.
It took a lot of bottle to trust the Sharkskin Dry-Bag to the task. With the camera and lens wrapped in a small micro-fibre towel and set inside the sealed bag, I watched helplessly as the first waves crashed over the bow and swamped everything on the deck.
I needn’t have worried. The bag remained as waterproof as a duck’s behind, keeping its precious cargo safe and dry.
The five long days spent out in rough seas searching for elusive sardine bait-balls put
even the toughest of waterproof products to the sword.
Most others failed, yet the Sharkskin bag didn’t let a single drop of briny liquid into its sacred interior.

These bags can be used to keep wet gear from contaminating dry areas as well as a waterproof holdall, and in fact I’m told that this is what they were originally designed to do.
But as a waterproof bag the Sharkskin Performance duffle excelled in the tough conditions we had to endure.
I can see this bag becoming a constant companion on all my future dive-trips, keeping my clothes dry when packed in my main dive-bag next to wet exposure suits.
I could even take it on a tropical day-boat and fill it with ice cubes from the hotel to keep my after-dive beers cold. On second thoughts, I might need two.

PRICE Each model £75 each
CAPACITY Backpack 30-litre, Duffle 40-litre
COLOURS Black/red, red/black
EXTRAS Free DrySack
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