I, on the other hand, can be as smug as I like, because I have weighed everything before leaving home and know for certain that everything’s within the paltry weight-limits.
Most importantly, my beer vouchers are safe and my dignity will remain intact, thanks to a set of small luggage scales from outdoor-equipment maker Lifeventure.

The Design
Ergonomically shaped in the form of a T-handle, Lifeventure scales have an all-black rubberised soft-touch finish and are powered by a single replaceable button battery.
A backlit LCD screen displays the weight simultaneously in kilos and pounds to a maximum of 50kg (110lb). Once the reading has settled it’s locked on the screen, indicated by the display backlight changing from blue to red. This times out after about 5 seconds, reverting to the start screen.
A single-push on/off button is positioned next to the screen although, if accidentally left on, the display automatically switches itself off after about 20 seconds.
A nylon webbing strap with a chrome-plated hook is designed to loop over the luggage handle while it’s lifted and held.
The luggage scales weigh 85g and measure 130 x 45 x 35mm.

In use
These scales were simple to use. The webbing strap looped easily around the handles on my luggage and the metal hook held everything securely while I followed my Fire Service manual handling training and lifted the heavy bag using my legs and keeping a straight back.
The reading settled quickly and locked on the screen, so I didn’t have to struggle with shaking muscles trying to get into a position in which I could actually read it.
All I had to do was place the heavy load back on the floor and check its weight. The T-shaped handle fitted my sweaty mitt perfectly, with the rubberised finish providing a non-slip grip.

I have used various methods to weigh luggage in the past, standing on a set of bathroom scales with and without the bag, mentally subtracting one weight from the other, then trying to convert the readings from stones to kilos. Suffering the shock of seeing my actual body weight in the process and falsely promising my wife I’d go on a diet is now, thankfully, a thing of the past.
These unobtrusive luggage scales are extremely easy to use, and accurate too. They are also small and light enough to take with you on your journey, to help you avoid handing over your now-overused credit card following a heated Spanish Inquisition on the return journey.
I could live without paying the excess baggage fees to bring back that set of carved wooden elephants I’d been sweet-talked into buying for a bargain at the local bazaar, but I would now find it very difficult to be without this excellent set of luggage scales.

MAXIMUM CAPACITY 850kg (110lb)
SIZE 130 x 45 x 35mm
POWER Duracell DL2032 3V li-ion button battery
DISPLAY Digital backlit LCD
CONTACT: www.lifeventure.com