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John died on 6 May from a heart attack. He had been with Duiken for the past 25 years and been Editor-in-Chief for the past 15. A noted underwater photographer and journalist, knowledgeable about wrecks and marine biology, he had also written a number of well received diving books.

An indefatigably cheerful person, John was well known and liked by fellow journalists, dive industry professionals and the holidaying divers with whom he came into contact.

“John did lots of diving, lots of travelling, and was widely respected by his peers," said John Bantin, DIVER magazine's Technical Editor and travel feature writer. “He was a charismatic, larger-than-life figure who never took himself too seriously. I could not think of a more enjoyable companion to be on a diving expedition with.

The level of respect commanded by John Neuschwander within the international diving community is reflected by the fact that the Caribbean's Curacao Dive Festival , due to be held from 18 May to 4 June, and to which journalists from all over Europe were heading, has been cancelled as a mark of respect.