Tony Backhurst (front) with Max Bevan, his companion for the London Marathon
Tony, 56, wishes to raise money for the Anaphylaxis Campaign, launched 11 years ago by a friend, David Reading, whose 17-year-old daughter Sarah died from an allergy to peanut. She had eaten lemon meringue pie in a shop restaurant.

Anaphylaxis involves over-reaction of the immune system. Blood pressure falls and the sufferer can quickly lose consciousness. Triggers include foods (eg nuts, fish, shellfish, milk, eggs), insect stings and medications.

"Anaphylaxis is serious, but it's manageable"¬ Tony told Divernet. Families can learn to cope well so long as they have high-quality information and guidance. Unfortunately they can't always get it from the NHS because allergy services are so poor right across the country. But they can get it from the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

Tony keeps fit through activities including mountain biking. But this was his first marathon, tackled with a local friend, Max Bevan. Tony had trained for the run since last May, and was pleased to finish the 26 miles in 4hrs 40min.

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