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Aliens of the Deep has just opened at Londons Science Museum IMAX cinema. And aliens is about the right term, as the creatures might as well be from another planet, so different are their living conditions.

Hot seabed vents, for instance, sustain unique forms of life despite not a jot of sunlight. And there are scientists who believe that these systems may have been the cradle for life on Earth.

Camerons view is that, as we plan space probes to Jupiter, we should also work to understand our own worlds most obscure, prehistoric ocean life.

Although known mainly for blockbuster movies like Alien, Terminator 2, True Lies, Titanic and Abyss, Cameron is a dedicated marine explorer and documentary maker who has already filmed using IMAX technology in very deep water.

He followed up on the success of Titanic by releasing a stunning IMAX documentary on the wreck. With those 3-D specs on, you felt you could reach out and touch the ship as the cameras flew around and through it.

Now its the turn of some of the seas deepest, weirdest beasties. With Camerons filming ROVs doing the business, you could almost be in your scuba kit, drifting along the ocean floor as you come face to face with one curiosity after another.

To book for Aliens of the Deep, click here or telephone the Science Museum on 0870 870 4771.

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