Since then membership has grown steadily to include individuals and organisations across an entire spectrum of diving interests.

National sections of the H.D.S. have been formed in the USA, Italy and South Africa with international membership encompassing over twenty countries.

The history of diving

Of all the great technologies which underpin our modem world, underwater intervention - the ability of a human or machine to explore and work below water probably possesses the longest history.

Long before flight or automotive travel, possibly even before the advent of the wheel, mankind sought means to obtain wealth from the bottom of the sea.

The Historical Diving Society exists to ensure that diving takes its rightfbl place alongside the other great technologies, and that the history of underwater exploration, with its triumphs and tragedies, its heroes and its forgotten pioneers, is at last brought to proper attention.

Aims of The Historical Diving Society

  • To provide a forum for individuals and organisations with an interest in the history of diving.
  • To identily, preserve, protect and maintain artefacts and archives associated with the history of diving.
  • To publish appropriate literature and organise regular meetings on historical diving subjects.
  • To provide a focal point for assistance in the maintaining of working equipment.
  • To foster a general awareness of the history of diving as an important and significant aspect of technological endeavour.

Amongst the Societies members are archivists, archaeologists, authors, artists, bibliophiles, collectors, engineers, film makers, genealogists, historians, journalists, manufactures, museums, oceanoligists, photographers, researchers, scientists, submariners, salvers, technologists - and of course divers, ex-divers, and sub-sea enthusiasts from every comer of the globe.

Benefits of Membership.

The Historical Diving Society enables individuals and organisations with an interest in the history of sub-sea intervention to make academic, social and technical contacts on a National and International basis.
Amongst the benefits of membership are:

  • A regular Newsletter
  • Visits to places and museums of interest.
  • Meetings and lectures.
  • An Annual Conference and Symposium.
  • Specialist book collectors section.
  • A film archive.
  • Working equipment rallies.


Enquiries concerning membership should be directed to;

The Historical Diving Society

23 Brompton Drive
West Midlands
Tel/Fax +44(0)1384 896079
E-mail to
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