f thats not enough, the Wiis WiFi Connection Service allows players to link up to play with dive buddies all over the world.
Navigating through the depths using the Wii remote, you guide your character using the pointers cursor, visible as a bright blue dot. When you wish to interact with fish or plants, you highlight them and press the A button. In this way you discover species new to you and build up your fish log.
Whats more - and here Endless Ocean really does part company with diving as we know it - you befriend creatures such as dolphins that become your training partners.
This game will be welcomed by kids who want to follow their diving parents into the water some day. Just make sure they realise that being hands-onwith marine life (see the screengrabs) is a good idea only in the virtual world!

Endless Ocean, Nintendo, £30

Review by Tom Shillaker