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WET n DRY Dry suit survey

Distributor: Body Glove International 01752 854400.
First Impressions: A heavy, well-made, but old-style thick neoprene suit. It has some nice touches. It looks expensive.
Material and Construction: Neoprene with seams stitched, glued and taped. Velcro-covered zip protection flap. Its weak spot must surely be the stitching at the heels. Its Achilles heels!
Boots: A mixture of neoprene and traditional wellie. It has thinner neoprene at the ankles than in the rest of the suit.
Zip: Mediumweight. We all thought that a suit of this quality and material weight really needed a heavyweight zip.
Seals: Heavyweight latex bellows neck seal and nicely lined neoprene wrist seals.
Wrist Seal Contact Length: 8.5cm
Knee Pads: Double layer of neoprene. Quite small.
Valves: Standard Apeks low-profile auto dump with rotating inflator valve and neoprene protector on the inner side. Effective-looking gaskets on the outside.
Notable Other Features: Two small pockets nicely positioned on the front of the thighs and equipped with D-rings inside. A forearm pocket is only large enough for trauma shears.
Ease of Dressing: Typical for a neoprene suit, it was a bit more difficult than some others to put on because there was so much thick material to contend with.
In The Water: I needed a lot of lead to get down. I used 4kg more than with most other suits. It was extremely comfortable and warm. It feels like there is an extra sock inside the boot. Its material proved very soft and flexible. I was bone dry at all times. The wrist seals are very nice and warm and they integrated well with my gloves.
Approx. Weight: 6kg.
Made-to-Measure: Stock sizes only.
Tested by: Tim Bradley.


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