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WET n DRY Dry suit survey

Distributor: Northern Diver 01257 254444.
First Impressions: Durable-looking but a little complex, with some funny bits of Velcro on the pocket. It could have been better finished but it looks like it will last a long time.
Material and Construction: Tough Cordura material. Stitching looks pretty good and seams are rubber-taped (vulcanised) on the inside. Conventional crotch-junction could be a weak point that might lead to leaks in time.
Boots: Nicely moulded all-in-one boot with a very heavy fin-retainer at the heel. The suit uses a thin neoprene at the junction with the boot and there is a rigid material at the join.
Zip: Mediumweight with a flap of material to cover it.
Seals: Latex conical wrist seals with neoprene protective cuffs over. Latex neck seal with neoprene collar over closed with Velcro.
Wrist Seal Contact Length: 1.5cm.
Knee Pads: Double thickness of material stitched in.
Valves: Rotating Apeks-type (ND) inflation valve with neoprene pad on the inside. Low-profile auto dump.
Notable Other Features: Detachable braces and reasonably useful pocket closed by complex Velcro.
Ease of Dressing: The rigid ring round the boot junctions made it slightly difficult.
In The Water: I enjoyed it. I felt that I was driving the suit rather than it driving me. It gave me perfect balance. There was no air-migration and I stayed totally dry.
Approx. Weight: 5.3kg.
Made-to-Measure: Yes.
Tested by: George Buxton.


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