WET n DRY Dry suit survey

Distributor: OThree 01305 776754.
First Impressions: An extra-heavy suit that looks extra well made but its not for serious wreck divers because we know this material will snag.
Material and Construction: Compressed neoprene with a nylon facing. Double neoprene over the seams which are glued, stitched and taped. Contoured crotch with material sensibly cut on the bias.
Boots: Heavy-duty with a fin retainer.
Zip: Heavy-duty (6 pitch) with a comfort flap.
Seals: Long conical latex wrist seals. A super-soft neoprene neck seal that is turned in on itself.
Wrist Seal Contact Length: 7cm.
Knee Pads: Heavier neoprene with PU coating.
Valves: Apeks rotating inflation and low-profile auto dump.
Notable Other Features: Two rather small pockets, one closed by a zip, the other with a Velcro flap. Braces securely attached.
Ease of Dressing: Easy.
In The Water: This suit was even more comfortable when wet. Very manoeuvrable. The controls seemed very responsive and easy to use.
Approx. Weight: 6kg.
Made-to-Measure: Yes.
Tested by: George Buxton.