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WET n DRY Dry suit survey

Distributor: Poseidon Diving Systems 01420 84300.
First Impressions: An extremely well-made suit. The stitching is phenomenal. Some serious needlework. A beautifully made, no-nonsense neoprene drysuit.
Material and Construction: Traditional neoprene.
Boots: A continuation of the neoprene of the suit, with rubber sole and toe-cap. With fin-retainer.
Zip: Mediumweight cross-shoulder that looks really secure. There is a neoprene comfort flap on both sides of the zip on the inside.
Seals: Neoprene neck seal (turned in on itself) with neoprene half-collar over. Soft conical neoprene wrist seals with a second layer over the top as a cuff.
Wrist Seal Contact Length: 1.5cm when doubled over.
Knee Pads: Pimpled rubber pads.
Valves: Sitec (marked Poseidon) fixed inflation valve and low-profile auto-dump. Gaskets on both sides.
Notable Other Features: Rubber reinforcing patches on hips for weightbelt. Rubber shoulder pads for BC straps. Very useful thigh pocket with Velcro flap.
Ease of Dressing: Surprisingly easy for a neoprene suit.
In The Water: What a lovely suit. By far the most comfortable in-the-water suit I have ever worn. If I was in the market for a neoprene suit it would certainly be one of these. The dump valve let out air at a good rate, especially important with a neoprene suit.
Approx. Weight: 5.4kg.
Made-to-Measure: Stock sizes only, with arm and leg length alterations available.
Tested by: Tim Bradley.


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