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WET n DRY Dry suit survey

Distributor: Typhoon International 01642 486104.
First Impressions: This seems to be very much improved over the Typhoon suit I had years ago. Well-made, if not well-finished. Lots of spilt glue in evidence. This spoiled its appearance internally. The zip looks over-complicated. But the suit looks like it will stand the test of time and is ideal for wreck-divers.
Material and Construction: Middle-entry Cordura trilaminate suit with tucked bib and straps. It is heavily stitched and double-taped.
Boots: Neoprene-lined wellie-style. A solid moulded boot. I suspect the tread is not deep enough for extended wear. Glued and taped on the outside of the legs.
Zip: Mediumweight cross-front with tuck.
Seals: Bellow-type latex neck seal with a sensible length neoprene over-collar with drain hole. Latex wrist parallel seals.
Wrist Seal Contact Length: 2.5cm.
Knee Pads: Industrial rubber mats!
Valves: Apeks rotating inflation valve and low-profile auto dump. Gaskets on the outer side.
Notable Other Features: Fixed braces. Two decent-sized pockets with sensible overlap of flaps. No eyelet or D-ring tags. Three-year warranty.
Ease of Dressing: Quite complex and the straps of the tucked bib interfered with the position of the weightbelt. Two out of ten. The neoprene over-collar was very tight to pass over my head but I did manage to don it on my own.
In The Water: It felt strange across my chest. I stayed bone dry but I cannot recommend it. It is not my favourite. A great suit for someone else!
Approx.Weight: 4.8kg.
Made-to-Measure: Yes.
Tested by: Gerry Gooch.


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