Light on your wallet - Dive torch survey

Weight in water (g)Reflector (cm)Brightness
Hotspot (cm)PriceIncludesDistributor
UK Mini Pocket Light2 AAA2 to 3151814£11batteriesSea & Sea
Princeton Tec Blast2 AAA2 to 31521210£11batteriesHydrotech
UK 2AAA2 AAA2 to 3201126£11batteriesSea & Sea
Princton Tec Rage4 AAA2 to 33023210£15batteriesHydrotech
Princeton Tec 202 AA2 to 2.5303820£17batteriesHydrotech
Oceanic Hybeam4 AA1.51573210£19batteriesOceanic SW
Princeton Tec 404 AA3 to 56533228£19batteriesHydrotech
UK Mini Q4 04 AA4 to 5502.512826£20batteriesSea & Sea
Princeton Tec Impact4 AA150+653418£27battereisHydrotech
UK SL44 C4 to 51603.525610£31batteriesSea & Sea
Ikelite PCa6 AA2753.52569£31batteriesOceanic SW
Princeton Tec Surge8 AA3 to 51003.512826£32batteriesHydrotech
Princeton Tec 4004 C5+11052566£32batteriesHydrotech
Technisub Mini Vega Hybeam4 D1660812812£35 Aqua-Lung UK
Ikelite PC4 C3 to 41503.51907£37batteriesOceanic SW
UK SL66 C62503.56428£41batteriesSea & Sea
Princeton Tec Miniwave II4 C4 to 55065040£44batteriesHydrotech
Peli Nemo 4C4 C3.510053210£46 Blandford/Peli
Inova X5lithium20501.51120£50batteriesCJ Evans
UK D44 D7 to 108085024£53batteriesSea & Sea
Peli Nemo 8C8 C3.5160712818£55 Blandford
Niterider Sea Torch5 D4350412840£60 Dive Lights Int
Princeton Tec Shockwave8 C4 to 5200619036£65batteriesHydrotech
Gilan Pocket Torch8 AA125035048£70batteriesGilan
Ikelite C-Lite 88 C3.5240719022£72 Oceanic SW
Peli BriteLite4 D10 to 12801012810£77 Blandford
Birchley SLni-cad1neutral750010£84chargerBirchley
Beaver Nova-Lightni-cad2.4neutral8.550011£87chargerBeaver
Princeton Tec Miniwave Rni-cad1.25120612832£91chargerHydrotech
Peli Aqua King Lite8 D10 to 122501012812£100 Blandford
Birchley YLni-cad1positive72569£104chargerBirchley
Green Force Diamond Back-uplithium10602624£106batteriesLumb Bros
NiteRider Sportdiverni-cad2.3neutral312826£110chargerDive Lights Int
UK D4 Rni-cad3 or 1.25100812858£113chargerSea & Sea
Green Force Arrow 5 Diamondni-cad162502624£126chargerLumb Bros
Princeton Tec Shockwave Rni-cad1.25360625634£139chargerHydrotech
UK C8 Rni-cad1.5 to 2.53256375v40£142chargerSea & Sea
BeaverBlue Astroni-cad139058120£149chargerBeaver