Appeared in DIVER April 2007

MARES Kaila - £330
The integrated-weight pockets stow away very precisely. The jacket tends to push you forwards but you dont have to fight to stay upright. Its direct-feed hose is much too long for the corrugated hose, which needs a hearty tug to operate the dump. Its right shoulder dump keeps dumping for a moment after you release the toggle. The only way to let air out of the whole thing is to duck dive and use the bottom dump.
The little tank wings keep air in unless you go vertical and use the bottom dump. The internal chambers of the buoyancy cell must be so complex that they dont fill properly and evenly, but the buoyancy cell is separate from the harness, so the jacket is more comfortable than it looks.
I feel you would never get down feet-first from the surface from a fully inflated start unless you were over-weighted. The integrated weight pouches have the weights held in securely with zips, and proved very easy to remove and replace both under water and at the surface. It felt nice while floating at the surface.
The direct-feed control showed good ergonomics. The pockets were deep and easily accessible, though the trim-weight pockets were so hard to find and access that they were silly. You had to invert the BC to get at them.

Dry weight: 4kg
Max. lift: 15.5kg
Ride height: 11cm
Sizes: XXS-XXL

Price includes weights

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