Appeared in DIVER April 2007

SCUBAPRO Lady Hawk - £399
A wing-style BC with a buoyancy cell constrained when not inflated by elastic cord.
The trim-weight pockets were positioned halfway up. The integrated-weight system is foolproof, with a big, solid clip. The sternum strap is surplus to requirements.
When fully inflated at the surface, the lift is positioned low down and the jacket raises you high out of the water, but it pushes your face down straight away, and clamps the shoulders in a vice-like grip.
There were poor ergonomics on the corrugated-hose dump valve, which is inefficient because it distorts the jacket. The other one works fine, however.
When facing down, the dump valves dont work well. The jacket needs to be upright to dump air quickly and efficiently.
The drop-down pocket needs two hands to operate. Its an occasional-use pocket. Its soft and requires two hands to operate - one hand to hold it and the other to use it.
The jacket wants to ride up when fully inflated, but thats probably because the wing concertinas out to give a huge amount of maximum buoyancy.
I found the cummerbund to be very short. It has that cinch-strap for the tank that you either love or hate.

Dry weight: 3.3kg
Max. lift: 21kg
Ride height: 18.5cm
Sizes: S-L

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