Appeared in DIVER April 2007

SEACSUB Pro Lady - £295
Part of the Seac Sub range of tough BCs that has found great favour with the general diving audience, this one employs some novel lightweight elasticated loops to do the same job as heavier metal D-rings.
The integrated-weight pouches are fiddly and almost impossible to reinsert under water, even with a mask on. They dont seem to clip in securely either, and I didnt feel them fall out!
The jacket feels uncomfortable when fully inflated, and quite restrictive. The straps sit far back on the shoulders, and tend to rub on the front of the shoulders. My bust felt very exposed. The pockets were nice and easy to get to. The sternum strap was surplus to requirements.
There was pressure on the ribs after only three minutes of floating with this BC fully inflated.
The jacket also tended to restrict arm movements, and at the surface it wouldnt be less than fully inflated because it gives so little height above the water.
The torso squeeze was so bad that it made me not want to put any air in the jacket!
The dump-valve toggle was nice, and air in and out via the direct-feed hose was good. It could be done with one hand. The jacket leans you backwards at the surface, which seems safe. It had a very short cummerbund.

Dry weight: 3.6kg
Max. lift: 9.5kg
Ride height: 4cm
Sizes: XS-L

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