Appeared in DIVER April 2007

SEAQUEST Diva LX - £399
A back-flotation BC uniquely designed with a Lycra bodice.
I remember Johns wife raving about this BC when she tried it some years ago. At that time it was just about the only BC designed for a woman, and she found it comfortable. Its unique in that its fitted with an elasticated wrap-around harness, rather like a good old-fashioned bodice.
For me it felt snug and well-fitted, with plenty of bust uplift. This fitted style felt like a corset in a pleasant way, rather like a bustier, when it was fully inflated, but with freedom around the waist.
The integrated-weight pouches come out easily but are a bit fiddly to put back in again.
The Diva has a nice drop-down zip pocket on one side. The action of dumping air wasnt very good, although the ergonomics of the corrugated hose were. It was uncomfortable to use with the left hand, but OK with the right, and also it was easier to dump that way.
I found that I had to be upright to dump by pulling on the corrugated hose. The bottom dump is best to use when youre in a horizontal position.
The Diva feels great to wear, with no rubbing in the shoulder area. It gave equal pressure all round on inflation and it had the nicest fit by far. However, it pushes you forwards at the surface when fully inflated.

Dry weight: 3.45kg
Max. lift: 17kg
Ride height: 14cm
Sizes: XS-L

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