TUSA Selene - £298
This Japanese-designed BC is made in Taiwan, primarily for the American market. Like all products from the Far East, it comes loaded with features, and all those that might be needed in an emergency by a rescuer are coloured bright orange.
This BC was comfortable and not unpleasant. Fully inflated, it feels like a corset and is very supportive around ribs and waist. It stays put and doesnt ride up.
That said, there was lots of pressure on the ribs and sides when it was fully inflated at the surface, and the ride height was barely sufficient.
The pockets are symmetrical but proved hard to get into when the jacket was fully inflated. The direct-feed inflation button was very smooth, but the little shoulder-dump toggle floated about and was hard to find.
The integrated-weight pouches when installed are very secure, yet easy to pull out. Because theyre flimsy and not stiff enough, they bend in the middle with two weights in, but I found it was easier to re-install the weights under water than I expected.
The bright orange buttons help with locating necessary things.
And the two parts of each buckle stay with the main part of the jacket once the pouches are freed.

Supplier: www.cpspartnership.com
Dry weight: 3.7kg
Max. lift: 11.5kg
Ride height: 5cm
Sizes: XS-XL

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