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Resurgam revisited
Dives have been made to improve protection of the wreck of the Resurgam, the 19th century submarine that lies off Rhyl, in North Wales.

The team, from Trafford Sub-Aqua Club, mounted the exercise at the request of Welsh Heritage, which has designated the wreck as a protected site. New sacrificial anodes were attached to the submarine to help slow electrolytic corrosion of its vulnerable iron structure.

The Resurgam, a tiny, 30-ton vessel just 14m long, was the worlds second mechanically powered submarine. Steam-driven, she was built at Birkenhead in 1879 and was lost just a year later when, after completing trials locally, she was being towed to Portsmouth for an assessment by the Royal Navy.

Lying in 20m of water, eight miles offshore, the wreck was discovered in 1995 when Colwyn Bay trawlerman Dennis Hunt snagged a net on it. Local diver Keith Hurley was the first person to descend to the wreck and confirm that it was that of designer the Reverend George Garretts seagoing brainchild.

A full-size replica of the Resurgam lies at Birkenheads Woodside ferry terminal.

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