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Volunteers clean Naama Bay
The popular Naama Bay, at Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, has received a timely underwater clean-up, thanks to a brigade of volunteering divers. Divernet
Directed by Dr Mohammed Abdel Rahman, Chief Marine Biologist of Ras Mohammed National Park, the multi-national teams, operating from Red Sea Diving College, concentrated on the bays main jetty, one of the busiest diving departure points in the world.

The rubbish beneath the jetty was so bad that, on a single day, the divers filled 52 diving crates with around 2000 discarded bottles, and the dive centre needed to organise two trucks to take them all away for recycling.

The clean-up was the latest in a number targeting the jettys sizeable rubbish mountain. The clean-ups have started to make a big impact on the under-jetty marine environment but much work remains, said Mark Fraenkel, Sales and Marketing Manager at Red Sea Diving College.

The programme aims to completely clear the area by the end of 2008, but it will take several more of these events to complete the project. As for the future, he pleaded: As the famous advert goes, Have a Coke and a smile - but please dont toss the bottle into the sea!

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