Yes, by telling us a bit about yourself and your diving preferences in our latest reader survey, you could win the latest Ratio IX3M Easy Pro dive-computer – and bring a little extra colour into your diving life. The diving world is ever-changing, as is the media world, so to ensure that we continue to provide the sort of content you enjoy reading in Diver every month, it helps us to get to know you and your interests better.

If you could take a few minutes to complete our online survey, we’ll say thank you by providing the chance to own a cutting-edge diving product that’s likely to draw attention.

This Italian-made four-button, two-nitrox-mix unit has a big colour screen; 3D compass; acoustic, vibrating and visual alarms; and a claimed 40 hours’ diving from the rechargeable battery. It uses a Buhlmann ZHL16-B algorithm with six user-settable protection levels. The unit can also be used as an integrated computer should you wish to add the optional wireless air transmitter and oxygen analyser – You'll find all the details at 

The closing date is Friday 17 November 2017, so please take the earliest opportunity to complete the survey here.