We calculated back in 1997, and still reckon today, that this is very much in divers' interests. Extra incentives for suppliers to maintain the highest standards in their products and services can only keep us happier and safer.

And it's all down to you, the readers who take the time to cast your votes and help us to recognise the people who have made our diving special over the previous 12 months.

If it seems like only the other day that you were reading about the winners of the 2016 Awards, that's because this time round we shortened the lead-time. 

This allowed our new-look trophies to be presented, for the first time, at DIVE 2017, October's Dive Show at the NEC, which is organised by DIVER Group. 

With so many winners present among the exhibitors over the weekend, it makes sense to make the presentations at the UK's biggest diving event. 

Intrepid globe-trotting diver and TV personality Paul Rose was there on stage to do the honours. 

If you were there you know the winners, if you weren't you may not, so here they are. And our sincere thanks to all you hard-worked voters for playing your part - you can take a break for a while before the 2018 voting takes place!

See the list of winners here.