GFUK is a branch of the global organisation dedicated to removing abandoned, lost and discarded fishing-gear, which can endanger both marine life and divers.

The charity needs more divers to help with its work, but proper training and protocols are essential because dealing with nets and lines under water can be dangerous.

Representatives from both organisations will be present on four boats to explain and demonstrate how they run their conservation projects and how volunteer divers can acquire the skills required to join in.

These include precision-diving techniques, underwater teamwork, surveying, visibility measurements, marine-life identification, ghost-gear recovery and disposal routes.

More than 40 divers are expected to conduct four dives over the two-day period, with evening discussions with the organisers and SeaSearch, and a prize raffle in aid of GFUK.

The Boat That Rocks, Scimitar Diving and Skin Deep Diving will provide the boats out of Portland Marina.

Divers interested in taking part can email for details.

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