The victim, Kevin McGuire, worked as a vocational trainer and visited the UAE regularly for three months at a time, according to a report on proceedings at Suffolk Coroners Court in Ipswich in the East Anglian Daily Times.

McGuire had been on a refresher dive from a boat on the morning of 19 May, at a site no deeper than 7m, said Suffolk Coroner Nigel Parsley.

He had surfaced and given a thumbs-up sign before collapsing, and attempts to resuscitate him back on the boat had been unsuccessful.

The Coroner said that the case had proved difficult to investigate because the UAE authorities had not sent, and in some cases had not even acknowledged, requests for further information until recently.

The initial post mortem in the UAE had concluded that McGuire died of decompression illness, but a Royal Navy diving doctor had confirmed to the Coroner that DCI would be an unusual cause of death, especially in the case of such a shallow dive.

A second post mortem back in the UK had revealed that McGuire had an enlarged heart, though pathologist Dr John Chapman reported that he could not be certain that this was the cause of death.

The Coroner recorded an open conclusion, because the medical cause of death could not be ascertained.

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