Andrew Kilbride, 49, was diving off the coast near Mabini in the Batangas province of Luzon.

According to local reports, Kilbride had been a guest at the Aquaventure Reef Club in nearby Anilao and was diving with an instructor connected with the resort.

They submerged at 3.45pm on Wednesday (2 May), but the instructor was said to have lost contact with Kilbride about 30 minutes into the dive, and learnt that he had not resurfaced only when he came up at around 6am.

Other divers in the group were said to have searched for Kilbride without success for the following two hours.

A search and rescue operation was launched by Mabini Coast Guard the following day, after the local resort owners’ association had informed police that a diver was missing. Strong currents were said to be running in the search area.

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