The incident occurred at Blue Lake in the western state of Utah, close to the Nevada border.

Fed by hot springs, the 18m-deep lake stays warm year-round and is a popular diving area, particularly for training. The boy’s father was reported to be a qualified diver but his son was not.

According to the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office the boy became disconnected from his air source, for unknown reasons, while the pair were at a depth of around 8m, and made a rapid ascent to the surface.

He was recovered from the water but at that point showed symptoms that police speculated were related to the speed of his ascent. Despite attempts by paramedics to revive him, he died on his way to hospital.

Cause of death was not stated, but a post mortem examination was to be carried out and police planned to check the scuba equipment to determine whether a malfunction had prompted the boy’s sudden ascent.

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