hspace=5 These engineering types - they can't leave well alone. No sooner had Ken Sullivan got his handsome Diver Underwater Photographer of the Year Trophy home than he was designing an extra plinth for it! I made it out of yew. Even now I get a kick out of looking at it.
His plinth or the trophy I was ecstatic to have won the award, says Ken. He had been encouraged to attend the Awards Dinner in his role as editor of the British Society of Underwater Photographers newsletter. I couldnt believe Id won.
hspace=5 A retired process-control industry engineer, Ken took up diving in 1965 and is honorary president of Stevenage Sub-Aqua Club, part of the Sub-Aqua Association. He says he is an SAA Dive Supervisor, though adds that he has never been much of a badge-collector.
He bought a Nikonos III in 1983, but it was attending a Martin Edge photo-course later that kindled his interest in underwater photography.
hspace=5 He now uses a Nikon 801 in a Subal housing combined with a range of Sea & Sea flashguns but, ever the engineer, likes to modify his equipment, blowing his own glass dome ports in his home workshop. He made the under-water ringflash he uses to take macro subjects, and has helped to make equipment for the BBC Natural History Unit, including a dome port for its tiniest underwater video camera.

hspace=5 Favourite subjects Any creature, big or small. I like to spend time with my subject to get the shot. Good pictures are planned.
Indonesia has overtaken Sipadan as his favourite destination recently, for the sheer diversity of its reefs: Theres just so much of it.
hspace=5 Ken has been a member of BSoUP for eight years, and belongs to Photosub, a group of active diver-photographers within the society. He has won few first prizes in BSoUP competitions, and had one whole year of coming second.

hspace=5 The Diver Underwater Photographer of the Year was judged on the basis of the six submitted photographs shown here. How does it feel to be first for a change Brilliant!