Who are your divebiz heroes?

The 2018 DIVER Awards will be presented to those industry stars you feel best deserve them at the NEC Dive Show in October. Please cast your votes as soon as possible, and we’ll start getting those winners’ names engraved!

THE DIVER AWARDS are, incredibly, 21 this year, and still they remain the benchmark by which diving’s product and service providers are judged. Others have set up their own accolades in recent years, but none has the time honoured prestige of the original DIVER Awards.

We used to seek your votes at the end of each year, but now we ask that you vote in summer, so that the Awards can be presented at the Dive Show at the NEC at the end of October. That’s when so much of the industry is gathered in one place, and readers who voted can see the presentations too.

The results will not be announced in DIVER until after the event, so the winners named at the Show will, we hope, come as a surprise. The suspense! Please take a few moments to think about the people in the business, in the UK and overseas, who have made your diving special, particularly over the past 12 months.

We’re talking about those who design, build and supply our dive gear, arrange our dive-trips, provide our training, operate the liveaboards and open up their countries’ best dive-sites to us. This is all about recognising and rewarding the high-quality products and services that make us happier and safer as divers, and providing an incentive for suppliers to aim ever-higher. To participate, fill in the online form. You have until midnight on 30 September to submit your nominations – but why not just go ahead and do it now?

  • DIVER Brand of the Year Which badge on your dive gear speaks volumes about quality and reliability?
  • DIVER Dive Destination of the Year Name the best country for divers to visit, and not necessarily the obvious!
  • DIVER Dive Centre of the Year Which centre, anywhere in the world, seems to get it right more often than not?
  • DIVER Liveaboard of the Year It may be the facilities, the crew or the itinerary – name your ideal boat
  • DIVER Product of the Year Which do you consider the most exciting item of kit to emerge in 2016?
  • DIVER Retailer of the Year Vote for any dive store that has given you good value and exemplary service
  • DIVER Tour Operator of the Year Which company is best at arranging diving package holidays?
  • DIVER Newcomer of the Year There is an award, but you don't need to vote – the winners will emerge from among the newcomers with the most votes in the other categories.


    If you can't answer a question (e.g. Liveaboard of the Year - because you did not go on a liveaboard) then please enter N/A.

    Please note that DIVER cannot accept: more than one coupon per envelope... more than one vote per person... faxed or photocopied forms... emailed votes other than through www.divernet.com, and then only one per email address... votes from employees or commercial associates for their own or associated organisations.
    * It is available to residents of the UK or Republic of Ireland aged 18 and above.
    * Closing date is 30 September 2018.