SUBTITLED Practical Tips On How To Shoot Like The Pros, this book/ebook by Red Sea diving instructor Richard Carey is a new primer for underwater photographers.
There is no shortage of such texts, but this one stands out as being very clearly and simply written, avoiding unnecessary jargon and concentrating on the essentials everyone needs to understand when venturing beyond automatic settings.
The images used as examples are good-quality, too, which, isn’t always the case with such guides. The captions make it clear that Richard uses only Canon Eos SLR cameras with either 60mm or 100m macro, Tokina 12-24mm zoom or Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens.
However, this doesn’t seem to make the guide any less useful for non-Canon owners or users of compact cameras, because his approach is all about stripping the task down to universal principles and covering the bases.
The final section, devoted to Photoshop, does seem a bit cursory for such a big subject, however. You may as well read the intro manual of your preferred processing software.
If the guide is really about “shooting like the pros” rather than just “shooting”, it might have been more useful to include a section on more esoteric photographic tips and tricks instead.
The wordcount may be a little thin for a £12 book, but for beginners the lack of flab will be a bonus. Load up the ebook version as a handy reference for your next trip.
Steve Weinman

ISBN: 9781470106737
Softback, 96pp, £12.90, or Kindle edition, £6.65