[DIVER requested an independent review of this book, as it was written by our Technical Editor]
IN THE SEARCH for great underwater adventure writing, one needs to look no further than John Bantin’s absorbing new book, Amazing Diving Stories. He has compiled dozens of true tales that will intrigue and delight everyone from the seasoned scuba diver to the bathtub snorkeller.
Consider the British diver who barely survived a crocodile attack while diving from a popular Indonesia liveaboard dive-boat, the foolish divers descending to 270m, and the divers fired upon by the military when diving in the Red Sea.
Or that “new” dive resort run by a delusional innkeeper who gave his hungry guests a rifle with which to shoot a sheep for dinner. Or divers’ excitement searching for sunken WW2 planes with Papua New Guinea natives. These are just for starters.
Bantin, today’s most engaging writer about the underwater world – here’s a man who makes 300 scuba dives a year – gets behind the scenes of terrible tragedies, applies his great wit to his own travels and travails, and explores unusual and bizarre behaviours – both animal, fish and human – that take place a few fathoms down.
John has been a mainstay in the pages of DIVER for more than 20 years, and for good reason. Not only does he have a keen eye for a good story, but his conversational and smart writing style keeps his readers’ attention.
I had dinner with John a few years back, and reading this book is like hearing his voice. His deep knowledge about diving, his sharp humour, and his talent for spinning a good yarn have come together in Amazing Diving Stories. Don’t save it for your next trip. Savour it now, while the winter winds blow.

Ben Davison,
Publisher, Undercurrent

Wiley Nautical
ISBN: 9781119969297 Hardback, 268pp, £14.99