FREEDIVING IS A 160-PAGE ebook about all aspects of freediving, from the physics and history behind it to the equipment and psychology needed. This is a book for the serious-minded, readers who want to know exactly how and why physiological changes take place and how to take their freediving beyond the realms of casual snorkelling.
In the diving physics chapter you are right into equations and towards the end of the book you have a suggested training plan to take you to 60m at the next world championships.
The authors have an absolute wealth of knowledge, backed up by the copious amounts of research papers referenced in the appendix. Their experience gives you an accurate and unique window on the world of competitive freediving, how it works, and what it takes to get there.
This will inspire new people to the sport looking for competition and challenge but may put off some people looking for a lighter read.
This would be a missed opportunity, however, as one of the gems of this book is the chapter on psychology. It explores in depth stress, fear, “flow“ and the mindset needed to be a successful freediver: “A freediver who is striving to succeed in competition should be a combination of both types of divers (performance and pleasure orientated), possessing the right mixture of maturity and ambition“.
Furthermore, the chapter ends with a statement regarding black-outs: “as a recurring event, they are a clear sign of an unhealthy diving culture”.
In the chapter on nutrition, I would have liked to see more about foods that can hinder equalisation and how to reduce inflammation in the body, but this is a tiny niggle.
Freediving is a thoroughly researched, thoughtful and considered book that would appeal to anyone interested in freediving – but particularly to someone who is looking to compete.
Emma Farrell

Deep Ideas
ISBN: 9789526833804 (ePub)
eBook (iBooks, Play Books),
158pp, £12.90