THIS IS THE SECOND EDITION of what is widely recognised as one of the best marine-life ID books in the business – it’s certainly a bible in the DIVER office, along with other works by these distinguished authors and photographers. Any divers who snap the marine life in the Far East, the Pacific islands and Australia need it in their collection, because it makes life that much simpler.
The 2500 reference photos are of uniformly high quality, taken in the fishes’ natural habitats and in many cases now replacing inferior pictures from the original edition. They come with a reasonable amount of information considering the space available to cover no fewer than 2000 species– 200 more than were in the first edition.
This data includes common and scientific names, family, descriptions, size, geographical ranges and distinctive characteristics. New data includes scientific name and range changes.
The way in which the fish families are arranged into 20 colour-coded groups based on appearance and behaviour makes it relatively easy to cut through to the specimen you’re after. And where necessary multiple photographs are included to reflect age and gender variations in the fish – how often are we thrown by, for example, a juvenile that looks totally different to the adult?
Fish make little effort to help us pin a name to them, and too often seem to go out of their way to mislead. This enhanced book is like an old friend in the fight to get picture captions right!
Steve Weinman

New World Publications
ISBN: 9781878348609
Softback, 498pp, $48