NOVA-SCOTIA-BASED Justin Gregg is a dolphin expert – you may have come across his book from a few years ago, Are Dolphins Really Smart?, after publishing which he wrote a Deep Breath article for DIVER on the subject.
Gregg is a senior research associate with the Dolphin Communication Project and a university professor – in short, few could argue that Justin Gregg doesn’t know about dolphins. But he wears his learning lightly in his new pop-science book aimed at interested-teenager level, a level that suits me fine.
If you have been lucky enough to dive with wild dolphins but are restricted by your knowledge of these mammals to telling people that it was a “really amazing experience”, this quickly assimilated little book will arm you with plenty of nuggets of information with which to follow up, and not only keep your friends’ attention but quite possibly intrigue and amaze them.
The concise chapters carry headings such as “Dolphins Don’t Sleep”, “Dolphins Use Tools”, “Dolphins Can See Your Bones” and “Dolphins Communicate With Their Nostrils”.
I'll leave you to fill out the details but I learnt a lot, and I reckon you’ll find that an hour or so’s perusal of this little book will be time well-spent.

Review by Steve Weinman

Outside The Lines Press
ISBN: 9780994924001
Softback, 104pp, £6.99