SIMON PRIDMORE HAS BEEN teaching diving and training dive-instructors for 25 years, and his monthly guide to diving technique in DIVER has proved very popular.
We invited him to contribute because his two recent books Scuba Confidential and Scuba Professional made clear that when it comes to helping us improve as divers, he not only has the answers but is an exceptional communicator.
Scuba Professional looks at how diving is taught and dive operations conducted. I read the book when it came out last year and found it entertaining and very informative.
Instead of reviewing it, however, we ran two extended extracts based on diver case-studies, one on mask-clearing, the other on when to call a dive (Scuba Professional, September 2015). I think these spoke for themselves in demonstrating just how interesting this book is.
It might be aimed primarily at instructors and others who make a living from recreational diving, but I don’t think there’s a diver out there who wouldn’t find the insights this book offers fascinating.
If your personal book mountain is piling up, don't worry, because all you multi-taskers can enjoy Scuba Professional while doing other things.
As with his previous book, Simon Pridmore has read this one aloud, unabridged, and recorded it, so you can have a listen while you're commuting, or perhaps driving to your next dive-site.
More good news – he reads it very well, too!
Steve Weinman

Sandsmedia Publishing
Audiobook, 8hr 38min, via Audible, Amazon, iTunes, £15.79