Be a life-saver!
How confident are you that you could recognise and treat diving illnesses and injuries at a more advanced level than Emergency First Response (EFR) or First Aid
The Diver Medical Technician course run by Code Blue Education sets out to arm you with the knowledge to deal with virtually any diving-based medical emergency. Commercial divers have to do this course, and their accident and mortality rates are lower than among sports divers.
The 10-day, 80-hour course consists of theory and practical sessions covering vast areas from intermediate life-support with advanced airways to spinal immobilisation and suturing. Pass your assessments and you will be a certified DAN Diver Medical Technician, valid for two years.
You need to be over 18, hold EFR/First Aid certification and be a Rescue Diver (or equivalent) or above. The course is run at Code Blue’s Brentford Training Centre in west London and costs £750, including all study materials and equipment.