Balmy LSD tune-ups
Had a long lay-off from diving, or need to hone your skills after a referral before doing your Open Water dives The London School of Diving (LSD) reckons it has refresher courses covered in its balmy 34°C pool.
Its three-hour Scuba Tune up covers everything from mask-clearing to emergency ascent procedures, it says, and you can use your own diving equipment if you want. The session costs £69-£99.
The two-hour Rescue Tune-up (£69) allows Rescue Divers who have not practised their skills in a while to go through the techniques in preventing problems and raising awareness of dangers before, during and after a dive. ”This is a rigorous and rewarding course,” says LSD.
Finally, LSD offers a one-hour Buoyancy Tune-up (£25) for Open Water Divers up, helping them to master buoyancy control using various techniques, including proper weight placement and vertical hovering. The LSD tune-ups are all run weekly.