Be a lionfish-hunter
Becoming a trained killer is not every diver’s cup of tea, but it’s now fashionable in those parts of the Caribbean where the invasive lionfish is threatening the balance of reef life, and is regarded as verminous.
Volunteer expedition organiser ReefCI in Belize reports that in the first quarter of the year staff and guests removed 2340 lionfish from the island where it operates. Data from dissections was recorded for the Belize Department of Fisheries and NGOs.
ReefCI has a Lionfish Special Week starting 14 July, and guests are invited to ”spear them, dissect them, analyse them, eat them, record them, and help dry their spines for a jewellery project, then wear them!” You can hardly say they died in vain!
ReefCI operates its dive trips 11 months of the year to the remote private island. A ”one-week” trip (weekends are not included) costs £795 but you can stay for up to eight weeks if you want (£4960).
Prices include all diving, kit, island transfers, meals, accommodation and survey methodology training. A PADI Open Water course is also included if needed.