Chill lives the dream
Mark Chilton, aka ”Chill”, has turned his dreams into reality by opening his own Red Sea Technical Diving Centre in Sharm el Sheikh. Chill first went to Sharm in 2003, worked as a technical instructor and guide and his long-planned venture is called Chill-Tec Diving.
Chill (right in picture) says he has completed dives as deep as 165m, and that many technical instructors and instructor-trainers choose to dive with him regularly to increase their depth limits beyond 100m.
As a PADI TecRec (DESAT) and TDI Instructor, he offers all technical instruction from your first tec breaths to full trimix, both open-circuit and CCR.
If you want to undertake technical courses at any level ”summer in Sharm is the best time to start,” he says. Whether booking courses or dives, one diver pays full price and up to three others pay half.
Examples of TDI course prices are Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures 640 euros and Advanced Trimix 1000 euros, including equipment but not certification fees or student materials. An entry-level PADI Tec40 course costs 345 euros.

Go tec afloat
Technical diving has become increasingly popular, allowing divers to go that bit deeper for that bit longer, and tour operator blue o two aims to provide all the training and kit necessary for those who are interested.
It offers PADI TecRec courses on its Red Sea liveaboards, and the complete course is an integrated sequence of the three sub-courses: Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50. This gives you the flexibility of completing them in a row or taking each course with a break in between. The first two cost £300 each (including kit and gases). Tec 50 costs £400.
You can complete your technical training under the supervision of blue o two staff or, if you haven’t technically dived in a while, they can offer a range of mini-workshops over a week, including refreshers on kit set-up, dive-planning and skills.

Red walls of Murter
Najada Diving was established 11 years ago on the Adriatic island of Murter off Croatia (nearest airports Zadar or Split), and is a PADI 5* IDC resort.
Some 40 dive-sites are accessible from its boats in the Kornati National Park, including the Francesca di Rimini wreck and red gorgonian in Babuljasi.
Included among its courses is technical diving, and a special offer from September to November provides a one-day introduction for 75 euros, with the option to continue with Tec40 and 45 over 4-6 days for 637 euros.
Do the intro session and that price is deducted from the combo price. The combo also entitles you to a free Drysuit or DPV speciality course.
”The area has many drop-offs covered with red gorgonian, where a typical Tec 40 or 45 dive with optimised nitrox and stage-diving makes sense,”
says Najada.