Bali and the Maldives
At the Siddhartha Ocean Front Resort in Bali, Werner Lau offers the SSI Wreck Diver speciality that makes full use of easy access (five minutes by boat) to the famous Liberty wreck, as well as a relatively new wreck sunk on the house reef in 2012, the Boga.
Students can appreciate the contrasts and similarities between an old wreck and an artificial reef. The course costs around 220 euros.
The Maldives is not associated with shipwrecks, but Werner Lau also offers the Wreck speciality at its Filitheyo centre there, It has two wrecks on the house reef said to be easy to enter and interesting for all levels of diver.
The SSI Wreck Speciality in Filitheyo costs around US $280.

July’s about wrecks
PADI’s Wreck Diver course explains the fundamentals of wreck diving to help explore a wreck safely. With four practical dives, it teaches divers to identify features and potential hazards, along with mapping skills and line-laying techniques.
The course also provides guidance on how to dive on wrecks respectfully, without disrupting the significance each site may represent. “With the World War One centenary of approaching, there’s never been a better time to appreciate the wealth of history on offer,”says PADI – although it has chosen the month before the August anniversary
to celebrate this skill as Speciality of the Month.
Complete the course this July and get free entry into a prize draw to win a 40-euro PADI Sportswear clothing voucher.