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Appeared in DIVER January 2018
Where will you be diving this year? Ten travel experts offer their predictions to STEVE WEINMAN

Travelling Light

Appeared in DIVER January 2018
Cheap and cheerful, that's MIKE WARD as he assembles a complete set of travel-friendly dive kit and clothing that will weigh in at well under the magic 20kg, and all for less than a grand. How does he do it? Step inside...

The devil is in the detail

Appeared in DIVER January 2017
For many divers, liveaboards have their drawbacks - for a relaxing, flexible diving holiday they prefer to be based on shore. But how to ensure that your chosen bed, board and dive-centre combo is perfect for you? BETH & SHAUN TIERNEY have the answers

WOW! Moments

Appeared in DIVER June 2015
LISA COLLINS looks at those underwater experiences that stay imprinted in your memory banks forever - it could be a manta ray, it could be a seahorse, it could even be a delayed trip to the head!

The Greatest Underwater Show on Earth

Appeared in DIVER May 2015
MARIE DAVIES has dived many of the best places in the world, especially in the Indo-Pacific, but one magical location had remained undived by her - until now. Would the Galapagos Islands live up to their star billing?

Diving the edge of the old world

Appeared in DIVER April 2015
GAVIN PARSONS pushes the boundaries by venturing to El Hierro, the Atlantic island once thought to mark the end of the world

Our Best Dives - group 4

Appeared in DIVER August 2014
Group 4 includes dives in Solomon Islands, Iceland, Cornwall, Darwin, and Egypt..

Our Best Dives - group 3

Appeared in DIVER August 2014
Group 3 includes dives in Fiji, Similan Islands, Mozambique, Galapagos, Tenerife, and Gozo.

Our Best Dives - group 2

Appeared in DIVER August 2014
Group 2 includes dives in Lembeh Strait,Egypt, Marsa Imbarak, Vancouver and the Maldives.

Our Best Dives - group 1

Appeared in DIVER August 2014
Group 1 includes dives in Mauritius, Tobago, Seahouses, Truk Lagoon, Malta ans Silfra

Airway to Heaven

Appeared in DIVER August 2014
You've booked your ticket to your dream diving destination - now all that stands between you and a holiday in paradise is the flight and, in particular, the dreaded check-in. RICHARD ASPINALL has his own strategies for minimising the suffering

Shout-out! for the great guides

Appeared in DIVER April 2014
Some are good, some are poor, and some are just brilliant - LISA COLLINS wanders down Memory Lane with some of the best dive-guides she has met

Your first liveaboard

Appeared in DIVER July 2012
Liveaboard virgin, or just never quite got to grips with the lifestyle RICHARD ASPINALL works through some of the essential do's and dont's for getting the best from your experience afloat

Where divers travel

Appeared in DIVER January 2012
Which are your favourite dive travel destinations at the moment Where have divers recently visited, and where are they planning to travel next Tasked with pinpointing the dive holidays currently in vogue, the recent Dive Show at the NEC was the perfect place to canvas the thoughts of divers. Avoiding the travel stands and busy aisles, John Liddiard worked his way from table to table in the Food Court. At least that way he could keep the busy divers in one place long enough for an interview

The deepest lake in the World

Appeared in DIVER June 2011
In the heart of Siberia, concealed by rising mountains, the Earth's interior has slowly rifted apart, creating the worlds deepest reservoir. It is so big that it contains about 20% of the world's surface fresh water. In winter the lake is frozen into silence, an icy wind sweeping over its surface. It's time for Eline Feenstra to go diving. Photography by Rene Lipmann

Turning further to the East

Appeared in DIVER January 2010
Where are we going in 2010, and how are we getting there? Steve Weinman asks the diving specialist tour operators who are hoping to take your bookings

Perfect 10

Appeared in DIVER November 2009
A touch of magic - that's what we all want when we go diving. We forced John Bantin to whittle his massive initial shortlist of international dive-sites with the M-factor down to this imp...

Striding out in hard times

Appeared in DIVER January 2009
With the financial portents for 2009 far from rosy, what are the prospects for the travelling diver Are great deals going to be two-a-penny in a market bereft of holiday-makers, or has th...

Between the scallops

Appeared in DIVER August 2007
Working divers in the Channel Islands spend much of their time down among the shellfish - John Liddiard boards their boats to experience the rich variety of wreck and reef diving off Guer...


Appeared in DIVER November 2006
You know your'e off the beaten track when the dive-centre owner says: Oh yes, I had some English people here before - about two years ago, I think. Jacquie Cozens reports from the Cape Ve...

Need a little TCI

With so many islands from which to choose in the Caribbean and western Atlantic, holiday selection can be tricky. John Bantin offers a solution - he's a recent convert to the attractions ...

Wartime on ice

This holiday isn't for everyone, but for those who take their wreck-diving seriously and don't mind it being a bit nippy, Louise Trewavas reckons a trip to Norway, venturing up within the...

Cancun revelations

He flew to one of America's favourite tourist resorts without great expectations, but John Liddiard is forced to revise his opinions of Cancun once he gets beyond the Hotel Zone

Colours of the rainbow

Appeared in DIVER October 2006
After his report from Fiji in June on what must be the most remarkable shark-feed around, John Bantin turns his attention to these Pacific island's outstanding static life. His quarry mig...


Dives after dark - divers either love them or can get by quite happily without them. What do divers get out of it? We asked 14 DIVER contributors to tell us about their most memorable noc...

Bubbling over - 2011 Holiday Guide

Appeared in DIVER January 2011
At least one unforgettable diving holiday is lined up for everyone in 2011 - the one you select depends on the sort of diver you are. PIPPA JACKS is both a diver and a travel press specia...

Shifting Sands

Terrorism and tourism - two worlds in conflict. Ever since 11 September 2001 travel patterns have changed, as certain regions are considered unsafe and fares fluctuate to reflect demand. ...


We don't expect you to sympathise, but its a tough life being a travel operator and having to check out exotic diving locations. That's what they claim, anyway, so Brendan O'Brien followe...

THE MAFIA connection

Appeared in DIVER August 2006
Thirteen - unlucky for some. Gavin Parsons tested that theory when he returned to Mafia Island, Tanzania to see if the area had improved or declined in the 13 years since his last visit

Tenerife in the ROUND

Appeared in DIVER July 2006
They say diving in Tenerife is varied and rather fine. But who are they And who better to report on that claim than our whirlwind-tour specialist, John Liddiard

Touchdown on a distant planet

Antarctic Diving Feature

Tourism in the New Antarctica

Antarctic Diving Feature

Lair of the leopards

Leopard seals have long been regarded as vicious towards penguins but playful with humans, though a recent incident has marred this reputation. For Yvette Cardozo, in Antarctica for the f...


Appeared in DIVER June 2006
So you've done the Sardine Run and fancy a ringside seat at another big underwater event. Time to head down to South Africa's Eastern Cape for the chokka spawning, says Fiona McIntosh. Pi...