WHY IS DIVER LOOKING AT ANTARCTICA THIS MONTH Mainly because its so damned good to look at!
For most of us, this supplement or documentary films are as close as well come to the icy base of the southern hemisphere, but for the many coldwater divers among you who hanker for something far more extreme than a quarry in January, such a trip is no longer an impossible dream.
If you can consider spending thousands of pounds to dive in an exotic Pacific reef location, Antarctica is now equally within your reach. It all depends on how badly you want to go. One things for sure - any trip to Antarctica will provide material on which to dine out for years to come.
We asked four divers who have visited Antarctica to share their impressions of their trips. John Liddiard weighs in with advice on what equipment and clothing to pack for your trip, if you do decide that diving among icebergs is for you, and we answer some frequently raised questions.
There are also contact details for those ready to take the next step - and we hope some of you will want to take it. If not, relax, and just enjoy the words and pictures.

Lair of the leopards

Tourism in the New Antartica

Touchdown on a distant planet

Warming up for a coldwater trip

Respect for the bergs

The big questions

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