Built in East Germany in 1970 as Trinwillershagen, the 60m container vessel cruised the Baltic and North Sea but later moved via Holland and Belgium to St Vincent and, renamed Anina, carried cargo between Caribbean islands from 1992.

Mechanical and financial troubles left her anchored unused in Grenada for some years until the tourism authority and other bodies raised the funds to clean and sink her.

Anina now lies on its side on sand at 30m, near the Purple Rain reef. The Aquanauts Grenada dive-centre team was first to dive it and reported large schools of silversides already sheltering from hunting jack.

Anina is not Grenada’s first purposely sunk wreck – Hildur, Buccaneer and Don Caesar preceded it – but it’s a welcome addition.

Visitors are invited to stay and dive it  with the dive-centre during its next Wreck Week from 28 July to 4 August, from US $1653pp – or you might prefer to go during the annual Grenada Dive Fest in October.