Clear out sale; computers, guage, undersuit and drysuit (zip fix needed)

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Suunto, cobra, undersuit, drysuit, oceanic, gauge, torch, Kowalski
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2016-11-13 15:32:49
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Summary :
Clear out of kit, with computers, suit and undersuit, gauge, torch...
Message :
Clearing out stuff to make space for shiny stuff! So prices and details below but will take reasonable offer:

Northern Diver Metalux 100 undersuit - x-large: £20

Suunto Cobra 3 air integrated computer and hose: £200

Suunto Cobra 1 air integrated computer and hose: £75

Kowalski dive torch (fully working): £100

Oceanic triple guage (depth, air, computer) : £75

And if anyone wants to repair a drysuit...

Northern Diver Divemaster drysuit - size X-large (188 cm height, chest 112-117 cm, boots 11). Zip gone and wrist seals may also need renewing, so for repair. Cost £75 or whatever...