Channel Diving - Brighton & Eastbourne August Dive Spaces for Individuals

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Channel, scuba diving, Brighton, wrecks, reef, France
Date added :
2017-07-31 09:30:09
Date Added :
31st July 2017
Boat/Operator Contact :
Channel Diver
Offer-Destination-Dates :
Monday 7th Eastbourne WELLPARK 45mtrs 10.45am away
Tuesday 8th Eastbourne Evening Dive OCEANA 25mtrs 5,45pm away
Friday 11th Eastbourne TWINS 44mtrs 7.45am away
Monday 14th Eastbourne Liners Day ALAUNIA & OCEANA 32 & 30mtrs 9.15am away
Tuesday 15th Eastbourne SEAFORD FERRY 46mtrs 9.15am away
Thursday 17th Eastbourne SPARTA & AIRSHOW & BBQ 39mtrs 7.15am away
Other :
Monday 21st Eastbourne SY ARGONAUT 40mtrs 11.15am away
Tuesday 22nd Eastbourne DUCHESS OF FYFE 24mtrs 10.15am away
Wednesday 23rd Eastbourne TALIS/1906 30mtrs 10.45am away
Thursday 24th Eastbourne LULLINGTON 30mtrs 11.15am away
Friday 25th Eastbourne JAMES GROVE 36mtrs 7.45am away
Monday 28th Eastbourne HMT DAGON 30mtrs 9.15am away
Wednesday 30th Brighton MOLDAVIA 50mtrs 8.30am away
1 space available ~ 5 Day D-Day Trip £480pp + Digs Thursday 31st August - Monday 4th September Diving 20 - 36mtr wrecks
To Book & for more info Contact: Channel Diving 07970 674799 /
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