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A key player in bringing the plan to fruition has been RAF Brize Norton Sub-Aqua Club. With the backing of Stoney Cove, RAF sport divers have been working hard behind the scenes to secure provision of the decommissioned plane.                                                                                         
We are presently preparing the hulk to make it diver-friendly, and Stoney is deciding where it wants it placed, Flight Lieutenant Pete Hawkins, Chairman of the RAF club, told Divernet. The plan is to transport the fuselage by low-loader to Stoney, where it will be lifted into the water by a Chinook helicopter.

The sinking is expected to be carried out between 26 and 28 September. The plane will join a host of wrecks at the site, including other aircraft - a Viscount airliner, Wessex helicopter and Cessna light plane. Stoney Cove - 01455 273089,