7191-ton US Liberty ship, built 1943. 441ft x 57ft. Gun on stern.

Cargo: In ballast, Cherbourg for Fowey.

Position: In two parts: stern at 50 26.17N; 02 25.30W, bow at 50 36.68N; 02 12.43W.

Depth: stern in 48m, bow 12m.
Sunk: 29 December, 1944, by torpedo from U-772, which blew off stern. Forepart stayed afloat but was towed into Worbarrow Bay and beached.
Diving: Bow is a shallow dive over tangled wreckage which has twice been dispersed by explosives. Stern is huge, lying on its starboard side with gun still bolted to platform. Bronze prop has been raised.
Launch: stern at Weymouth, bow at Kimmeridge.