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Diver describes earthquake effect under water

10 August 2018
A British diver has described what it was like to be under water in north Bali when the earthquake that devastated neighbouring Lombok and the Gili islands occurred last Sunday (5 August).

Five ways to fund whale-shark research

8 August 2018
A crowdfunding campaign to help protect whale sharks has been launched by Dr Simon Pierce, co-founder of the charity Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF).

Spooked baitfish swarm around diver

7 August 2018
A diver has been filmed in the Egyptian Red Sea surrounded by a baitball formed by schooling fish apparently alarmed by the presence of a nearby whale shark.

Virtual Reef Diver project under way

6 August 2018
Millions of Australians - and any other citizens of the world who wish to join in - are being encouraged to take a "dry dive" on the Great Barrier Reef as part of an innovative citizen-science project.

Freediver frees entangled whale shark

5 August 2018
A 6m juvenile whale shark in Hawaii has a family of snorkellers to thank for freeing it from a thick noose of rope around its head.

Diver dies on solo night-dive in Taiwan

4 August 2018
The body of a scuba diver who carried out a solo shore-dive by night on Taiwan's north coast on 1 August was found the following morning.

Two ways to dive mystery Solent wreck

3 August 2018
An unidentified 19th-century sailing ship 21m deep in the Solent is featured in the latest virtual wreck-discovery trail to be commissioned by Historic England (HE).

Whale sharks stick to the Philippines

2 August 2018
A satellite-tracking study of 17 juvenile whale sharks, said to be the most comprehensive ever carried out in the Philippines, has shown that although highly mobile all the sharks remained within the country's waters during the tracking period.

'Aimed' tanks sunk to create Lebanon reef

1 August 2018
Claimed to be the eastern Mediterranean's "largest underwater park", an artificial reef made up of 10 military vehicles has been set up off the island of Al-Zireh, two miles out from Sidon in Lebanon.

Quality and the DIVER Awards

31 July 2018
Many, many thousands of votes have been cast by Diver readers in the 21 years since the DIVER Awards began, and more than 150 trophies have been handed out to deserving winners. The trophies themselves might have changed in appearance over the years, but their significance has stayed constant.

Personal tank tests should be standard - Coroner

30 July 2018
All divers should use hand-held gas-testing devices to check their tanks, a Coroner has concluded, following the "tragic and avoidable" death of Australian diver Andrew Thwaites from a bad air fill.

Divers find smuggled coins on Rooswijk

29 July 2018
Archaeological divers excavating the Rooswijk, the 18th-century Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship wrecked on Kent's Goodwin Sands, have uncovered evidence that some of the silver currency on board was being smuggled.

Why older divers need to shape up

28 July 2018
Older, out-of-shape scuba divers need to get their weight under control to avoid an underwater heart attack - that's the advice following a major research study of more than 100,000 American divers by the European Society of Cardiology.

Diver dies in Scapa Flow

27 July 2018
A 49-year-old diver has died following an incident in the Orkney Islands. He is understood to have been exploring a wreck in Scapa Flow on Tuesday morning (24 July), according to a report in the Press and Journal.

Watch out for treasure at Stoney Cove!

26 July 2018
An Omega Seamaster 300m watch worth £3000 is the big prize lying in wait for divers at Leicestershire inland site Stoney Cove from Wednesday, 1 August until 25 October - and the treasure hunt is all in a good cause.

Police find body off Scarborough

25 July 2018
Police searching for a scuba diver who went missing off North Yorkshire on 8 July have recovered a body off the coast of Scarborough.

Study claims scuba-therapy benefits

23 July 2018
Scuba diving can offer significant therapeutic benefits, particularly for ex-military amputees experiencing chronic psychological conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or anxiety.

Join Monty Halls in Galapagos

21 July 2018
Diver, biologist and conservationist Monty Halls is back on TV screens for the next three Saturday nights (from 28 July) as he reports from his "favourite place on Earth" - and for the first time he has taken his whole family filming with him.

Biggest-ever British beach-clean planned

20 July 2018
Thousands of volunteers are being sought by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to take part in its 25th anniversary Great British Beach Clean event, running from 14-17 September.

Dmitrii Donskoi found - but is the gold there?

19 July 2017
A salvage company says it has found and dived the long sought-after wreck of the Dmitrii Donskoi, a Russian 5800-ton armoured cruiser that sank off South Korea in 1905.

New shark line-up for the UK

18 July 2018
Sightings by scuba divers of anything but the smaller members of the shark family are unusual in the UK, but it seems that climate change will be attracting a greater variety of species t...

RN divers act in memory of cave hero

17 July 2018
The Royal Navy Clearance Divers Association (RNCDA) has launched an appeal for the family of Saman Kunan, the Thai ex-Navy Seal diver who died during the rescue of the trapped schoolchild...

Jack Perks to hold photo show

16 July 2018
Prominent UK freshwater diver Jack Perks is to hold his first solo exhibition of underwater photography in September. The show will be held in the visitor centre at the Attenborough Natur...

Hands off French wreck, Florida tells salvor

15 July 2018
A US federal court has ruled that a 16th-century shipwreck found off the Florida coast two years ago is the protected property of France - and not that of the private salvage company that...

Divers' wreck-find solves WW2 mystery

14 July 2018
US divers off the coast of southern New Jersey have discovered a WW2 U-boat victim previously thought to have been sunk off Canada.

Lost iPhone lit up for diver

13 July 2018
A scuba diver has found a kayaker's iPhone lost off the Dorset coast - alerted, as she reported, when it lit up to indicate that a message had been received.

'First blue whale harpooned in 50 years'

12 July 2018
A blue whale has been harpooned and killed by an Icelandic whaling company, according to Sea Shepherd. The environmental activist group says it's the first time one of the endangered spec...

Devon diver finds WW2 bomb

11 July 2018
Even though World War Two ended three-quarters of a century ago, munitions from the period still lie primed and ready to explode around Britain. And a scuba diver has just discovered a 60...

Where the whale sharks gather - and why

10 July 2018
Divers who have encountered whale sharks in any numbers usually do so at one of 20 or so global hotspots at which they are known to assemble - but exactly why they choose these particular...

Diver missing off Yorkshire

9 July 2018
An air-sea search & rescue operation has resumed today (9 July) to find a male diver off the north Yorkshire coast. He went missing some two miles offshore between Scarborough and Whitby ...

Help for Heroes divers explore Montagu

8 July 2018
Eight wounded Armed Forces veterans carried out a series of dives last week (2-6 July) on the remains of the pre-Dreadnought battleship HMS Montagu, in a project to survey the Bristol Cha...

Diver dies during cave-rescue operation

6 July 2018
A cave-diver has died during the operation to rescue the 13 people trapped in the Tham Luang cave system in Thailand. The former Navy Seal officer and clearance-diver had volunteered to h...

Boy dies in US lake incident

5 July 2018
Scuba diving deaths involving children are rare, but a 10-year-old boy is reported to have died at an inland site in the USA yesterday (4 July) while apparently diving on his father's alt...

Prop takes diver's leg in Red Sea

4 July 2018
An American teacher based in Saudi Arabia has lost a leg after being hit by the propeller of his Red Sea dive-boat as he entered the water.

Why UK cave-divers top troubleshooter list

3 July 2018
Rick Stanton and John Volanthen, the British cave-divers who succeeded yesterday (2 July) in locating the 12 young footballers and their coach trapped in a flooded cave system in Thailand...

Starfish fightback: it's in the genes

2 July 2018
Scientists rarely get the chance to observe evolution in action in the wild, but an epidemic that began in 2012 and killed millions of North America's intertidal Pacific starfish populati...

New package-travel rules in force

1 July 2018
Booking package diving holidays through home-based tour operators is a popular way to go for UK divers, who know that should anything go wrong with the trip they are protected both by usi...

Hollis & Oceanic reg recall

30 June 2018
Huish Outdoors has issued a recall notice on certain Hollis and Oceanic diaphragm-style regulators sold in the USA and Canada.

New diver attraction created in Queensland

29 June 2018
A major new artificial reef has been set up for divers in Australia in the shape of ex-HMAS Tobruk, a decommissioned military transport ship scuttled off the Queensland coast.

Scuba Pride in Snowdonia

28 June 2018
A "carnival-style" event called Scuba Pride, set to take place at Vivian Dive Centre in Snowdonia, Wales on Saturday, 21 July, is claimed by the organisers to be the first of its kind to ...