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Club can mix nitrox
A British Sub-Aqua Club branch has taken delivery of a membrane nitrox compressor. Divernet
Southsea Sub-Aqua Club received a Sports for All grant of about 5000 towards the purchase, though the final cost was appreciably higher.

We were motivated to buy the compressor because a lot of our diving is in the Solent in the 25-35m range, which is ideally suited to nitrox diving, Club Secretary Alison Mayor told Diver.

Last summer our Diving Officer, Martin Davies, became licensee for the protected HM Submarine A1 wreck, so were now quite involved in monitoring the vessel.

The clubs compressor is a Coltrisub MCH 14 Tech Nitrox unit, from Sub-Marine Manufacturing Products. Rather than blending air and oxygen, it works by stripping nitrogen from air.

Advantages over the familiar partial-pressure compressor are that there is no need for oxygen cylinders to be stored or used; with a mix limit of nitrox 40 members cylinders do not have to be oxygen-compatible or cleaned; and personal gas-blender qualifications are not required.

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